Elvira – Dejame ser

Elvira is the personal project of Piti Elvira, guitarist and founding member of Standstill, also battery in It’s Not Not and The Lions Constellation. It also produces projects and collaborates with several friends and still have time and energy to their own project.

“A pesar de todo …” is his second solo album and was recorded at Ground Studies of Girona by Jordi Brugues and mastered in Ultramarinos by Santi and Víctor García, responsible for the sound of Two Dead Cats, Holywater or others. Piti, which debuted solo in 2008 with “Pequeños apuntes para canciones de mierda”, produces the eleven songs on the album and were recorded between December 2010 and January 2011.

Piti has recorded all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums, piano, keyboards and production) for the sole purpose of doing something all his own to speak of the miseries and joys of his day to day, and get an album full of introspective songs that not turn their backs to the world. And has the unique collaboration of Xavier Calvet (Bullit) and Víctor Valiente, partner Standstill, which brings its know-how with some guitars and pianos.
For this second job, Elvira has blown this whole spectrum of influences to achieve a sound where you can discover them all with no visible seams.
As a preview to the album, Elvira recorded an EP shared with the hip-hop project Elphomega and is available in free download bandcamp.

“Déjame ser” is one of the songs in “A pesar de todo” and the video is an acoustic song recorded in the Olympic Village in Barcelona.

Elvira will be at Civic Center Golferichs of Barcelona on Friday March 9, ​​so don’t miss it.

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