Smith & Burrows – When The Thames Froze

The leader of Editors, Tom Smith with Andy Burrows, former drummer of Razorlight, just released a Christmas album together called “Funny Looking Angels“.

The album was released under the name of  Smith & Burrows, and includes covers “Only You” by Yazoo, and “On and On” Longpigs.

I had the opportunity to hear the album and I like, have a Christmas touch (or to me it seems).

Andy Burrows left Razorlight in 2009 and released a solo single called “If I Had a Heart” last September. Meanwhile Editors are working on what will be their fourth album.

Then I leave the video for “When the Thames Froze” one of the songs included in the album.

I know that Juan doesn’t like the voice of Tom Smith (I never understand this), I also put the video (recorded in the study) of the title track to the album “Funny Looking Angels.”

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